Parents Circle–Families Forum, Sunday 13th March 2022

Palestinian Bassam Aramin and Israeli Rami Elchanan spoke about their work. After each enduring the tragic killing of their daughter by the other side, they have worked for years to further peace and justice between Israel and PalestineThey will tell us their stories, and about their work in the Parents Circle*, now numbering over 600 familieswho have all suffered the murder of a close family member.   

They gave us their view on how the Dialogue methodology may help us to further discussion of difficult topics within our own Liberal Jewish communities.   

Format: The meeting took place on Zoom on Sunday 13th March at 5:30pm. Bassam and Rami spoke (40 mins), followed by the opportunity to ask questions (20 mins). A further 30 minutes’ discussion gave small groups an opportunity to meet other Liberal Jews from across the UK. 

*The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF)  is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of over 600 families, all of whom have lost an immediate family member to the ongoing conflict. The PCFF believes that the process of reconciliation between nations is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable peace.   

This event was hosted byLiberal Jews for Justice in Israel/Palestine. The video below records Rami and Bassam’s contributions, and the question-and-answer session that followed.

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