Latest (13th May): LJJIP has joined with Jews in the Movement for Reform Judaism to become Progressive Jews for Justice in Israel/Palestine (PJJIP).

LJJIP calls for a Gaza ceasefire in a Guardian letter.

For LJJIP’s statements on the Gaza situation, see here.

For our weekly digest of useful articles about the Gaza situation, see here.

For news about local actions – vigils, protests, meetings – see here.

PJJIP is a network of Jews within Progressive Judaism committed to social justice and the application of universal human rights to Jews and Palestinians in Palestine/Israel.

Our founding document is the Statement of Intent. If you belong to a Liberal or Reform synagogue, all you need do to become a member of PJJIP is to complete this form.

Our most recent event, on 13th June, examined the perspective of young British Jews on the Gaza war,  the effect this will have on their view of Jewish denominations, including Progressive Judaism, and what PJ can do about it. You can watch a recording of this meeting here.

To connect with PJJIP – to become a member, or to join our mailing list – complete this form or send email to info@ljjip.org. Our privacy policy is here.