Human Rights and Inequality in Israel, 19th April 2023

Wednesday 19th April at 7.30 pm on Zoom (UK time)

The Current Human Rights Situation, and Implications for the Future

With guest speakers, Raghad Jaraisy and Ofer Dagan, both of Sikkuy-Aufoq, a joint Jewish and Arab NGO in Israel that works to advance equality and partnership between the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and the country’s Jewish citizens (Sikkuy means Opportunity/Hope in Hebrew; Aufoq means Horizon in Arabic).

Discrimination, inequality and injustice don’t just occur in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. They are also major challenges in Israel itself, and the situation is likely to worsen following the recent Israeli general election.

In this special UK nationwide Zoom event, our two guest speakers gave us an outline of the situation in Israel, covering the economic and employment disadvantages experienced by Israeli Arabs, the discriminatory allocation of state funding, and other resources, as well as housing, linguistic, political and other forms of discrimination.

This event was organised by Liberal Jews for Justice in Israel/Palestine.  Here is the video recording of the event:

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