Gaza and the Future of Progressive Judaism, 13th June 2024

The Gaza War’s impact on the future of Progressive Judaism: Young British Jews’ perspectives on the conflict, and the implications for PJ’s future.

Recording here

13th June, 6:30pm BST, by Zoom. 

Israel’s conduct in its war in Gaza has shocked tens of millions of people around the world – including large sections of many Jewish communities. Without doubt, it is beginning to impact how some in our Jewish communities perceive mainstream Jewish denominations, including our own.

Many young people, in particular, are disappointed in Jewish institutional responses to the war. So this special Zoom event is designed to highlight the ways in which many young Jews in Britain perceive the Gaza War – and to examine what they see as the war’s implications for Progressive Judaism.

The speakers included:

Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber of Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue on the major Gaza-related challenge facing Progressive young Jews – and its implications for the future development of our denomination.

Tamara Stanton, a former RSY-Netzer volunteer leader, and Rosa Slater, a former LJY-Netzer movement worker on how young Jews in Britain today are feeling about the Gaza War, what they want Progressive Judaism to say – and crucially, why that is so important.

Josh Cohen, from the UK Jewish anti-occupation movement, Na’amod, on Jewish youth opinions on Israel/Palestine-related issues; their implications for Progressive Judaism; and how Na’amod is now becoming a new home for many young Jews.

After questions and discussion, Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah, Rabbi Emeritus of Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue, summed up how Progressive Judaism can gain from what all the speakers and contributors have said.


Click here for an automatically generated (and therefore not reliably accurate) transcript of the meeting.

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