Standing Together – a Route to Peace

Sunday 3rd March at 6:30 pm on Zoom (UK time)

Standing Together – a route to peace

In these troubled times, Standing Together offers a beacon of hope. A grassroots movement mobilising Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel, its focus is the pursuit of peace, equality and social justice. Founded in 2015, it has experienced an increase in membership since the Hamas attacks and the war in Gaza. Engaging Palestinian and Jewish Israelis in a joint struggle to end the military control of millions of Palestinians and achieve peace, as well as equality and social justice for all citizens of Israel, it works on student campuses and organises citizens in towns across Israel to work together for a better future.

LJJIP’s two guest speakers are Sally Abed and Nadav Shofet, from the Standing Together leadership team. There will be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions, and for those who can stay longer than an hour, a chance to discuss further in small groups.

Sally Abed is a member of the national leadership at Standing Together. Sally has become a prominent Palestinian voice in Israel, advocating progressive causes for social and climate justice, and highlighting their connection to the struggle for peace and an end to the occupation through building a new majority in Israeli society.

Nadav Shofet is a member of the national leadership of Standing Together. He is the community organizer for the movement’s Tel Aviv-Jaffa local chapter, and following October 7th, he took part in founding the Jewish-Arab solidarity guard in the city.

This event is organised by Liberal Jews for Justice in Israel/Palestine. It is LJJIP’s first public event since 7th October 2023. Standing Together provides inspiration in its work towards an alternative to the violence suffered by all who live in the region.

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